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Just a small town girl, looking to make it in the same small town.

Doing what she loves.

Making bellies happy!


She loves food.

I mean, who doesn't?


Hey, I'm Cara.  I grew up around food. 

Preparing it, teaching it, and obviously eating it.

The grocery store might be my favorite shopping experience. 

I get a little crazy sometimes according to my more laid back husband. 

Go in for bread and come out with all kinds of things I want to try.

But you don't care what I'm cooking for supper.  It's all about what's going on in YOUR kitchen!

And I'm here to help make it fabulous.

A little of this, a little of that.

And a WHOLE lot of awesome.

That's Cooks on Main in Downtown Houlton.

From utensils, gadgets, seasonings, sauces and snacks.

Oh and gifts for the food lover too of course.

Stop thinking about yourself for a minute - geesh.

Come make cooking easy!

Oh and bring your sense of humor - we like salt but not salty moods !

-  HI, IT'S ME  -

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